Our Recruiting Model

Our recruiting model is extremely unique, fresh and different from what the other recruiting firms are actually doing. We do not waste our time or yours by posting online ads or passively poaching from online résumé boards like the rest of the recruiting population is doing! We are very old school in that we actively target our client’s direct competitors and/or any specific companies or industries of their choosing by doing 100% old fashioned, Cold Call-Headhunting that has proven time after time to get our clients the "exact" person they want and need right now! With over "69" candidate rebuttals to "I love my job”, “I am happy”, “I'm not interested”, “the timing isn't right”, and “NO!" We have up to a 90% success rate of headhunting and placing many passive, high caliber, A+ candidates!

Our first step is focused on creating a target “hit list” of those exact companies our clients would like us to go after in order to hand-pick the exact candidate they want. We have investigative, business and corporate intelligence departments that are made up of numerous researchers, investigative agents, information consultants and analysts. They are in charge of searching and gathering corporate, commercial and industry intelligence and researching all emerging projects, products and industries. This way when we start a new project, we have immediately at our disposal an initial list of companies to go after and from there, we build a very specific “hit list” that targets all the employees and departments we can recruit and source directly from only the most ideal companies.

Once the real time intelligence is passed over to the Recruiting and Human Capital Development Team it is then assigned to a Project Manager. The Project Manager will then select a dedicated team of up to 5+ well-seasoned recruiting experts for that role. As a team they will then collaborate and systematically target each person on the research list, as well as ultimately doubling the contents of list over the course of days using their own research techniques, internal technologies, referrals, uncovered employee rosters and more. Given the amount of openings we have in the same market, our approach to recruiting these candidates is NOT led by reading a typical "target" recruiting script, but by using more a "general approach" given the amount of openings we have in the same space in an effort to exclusively focus on what their specific wants, needs and desires in order to better establish each candidate’s individual parameters and specific criteria of exactly what they are trying to accomplish in a potential career move.

We are NOT "Online Recruiters!"

We are Old School - 100% Contingency "Cold Call - Headhunters" or "Hired Guns" when a time sensitive & confidential - mission critical position can't be filled using traditional online methods in a timely basis. We pick up where others have left off. We proactively ONLY go after what you can't find or get, and those specific people you really need and want confidentially and discreetly from anywhere that you specifically want them from. We do NOT post openings online, We do NOT poach resumes off of online databases or some old outdated internal database looking for low hanging fruit! Instead, our Recruiters do the heavy lifting and make over 100+ Targeted Cold Calls each and every day and work in teams of up to 5 Recruiters for each position you give us! Thus, only coming to work each day to exclusively Cold Call - Headhunt for your project, targeting only the exact companies, industries, products, services, verticals, niches and the exact people you only want to talk to. We pick up where everyone else stops and we do the heavy lifting. We have over "69" rebuttals to "I love my job, I am not interested, and NO." Our best recruiters recruit over 90% of everyone they speak to from the exact places you want candidates from with no money upfront, all 100% on a Contingency- Pay Per Performance basis! We will invest in your project and have skin in the game as all of our Recruiters work on a salary basis, not a commission basis.

Results in 3-5 Business Days!

The value that we bring to our clients is a proven search methodology that delivers superior results within 3-5 business days from engagement. We are structured like a retained firm internally, but we only charge on a Pay Per Performance - "Net-Net Results" basis. Please feel free to browse our site to better grasp Berkshire's unparalleled expertise and reach by exploring our divisions, specialties, services, and industries with over 125 locations worldwide.

Our Strengths

We target anyone you want in Sales, Marketing or in any Supervisor or Management level position on up to C - Level. We always keep your company name and opportunity completely confidential and stealth. We can confidentially approach any top people that you want directly from any competitors and target companies for any and all accounts, relationships, industries, verticals, niches, products services or solutions of your choosing!