• BuffettventuresResults in 3-5 Business Days!
  • Buffettventures5:1 Submittal-to-Hire Ratio!
  • Buffettventures100% Cold Call-Headhunting!
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Welcome to Buffett Ventures

Recruiting Model

Our recruiting model is extremely unique, fresh and different from what the other recruiting firms are actually doing. We do not waste...

We are NOT
"Online Recruiters!"

We are Old School - 100% Contingency "Cold Call - Headhunters" or "Hired Guns" when time sensitive & confidential...

Results in 3-5
Business Days!

The value that we bring to our clients is a proven search methodology that delivers superior results within 3-5 business days...


We target anyone you want in Sales, Marketing or in any Supervisor or Management level position on up to C - Level. We always keep your...

Results in 3-5 Business Days

Welcome to Buffett Ventures! Buffett is a frontrunner in global executive recruiting, consulting, outsourcing, training, and other enterprise services for some of the world's most prestigious and sought-after companies. Our clients include the Global 1000, Euro Top 500, Fortune 500 and Inc. 500 elite.

Buffett has an elaborate prestigious “who’s who” list of Venture Capital firms and Angel Investors that we have worked with on Sand Hill Road and other locations along with their clients that would say special things about us. We have also worked with a number of publicly traded companies on the AMEX, NASDAQ & NYSE. Buffett has over 20 years of experience and is one of the premiere recruiting firms in the world that has filled 1000’s of positions globally.

Our clients range across industries, from the world's largest companies, to medium-sized businesses, to entrepreneurial start-up companies that are either at the Beta stage, A, B, C round funding stages or are at a critical point to scale to the next level of growth. We are experts when it comes to human capital development and locating passive talent that will greatly enhance your bottom line. The executives that we have placed in strategic roles with our clients have extensively scaled the company revenue, took the company public and/or got them acquired for a high ROI with investors and clients.

Please browse our site to define Buffett's unparalleled expertise in all of our divisions, specialties, services, industries, press releases and with over 125 locations worldwide. Let us put all of our global capabilities, dedicated teams, and all-inclusive strategies to work for your company and discover why top firms seek Buffett when looking for innovative solutions and exceptional results.

About Our Company

Buffett Ventures is one of the oldest and largest privately-held consulting firms in the world. We are only one of a handful of non-franchised, full-service consulting firms providing global solutions. We have over 20 years of experience working with companies ranging in size from start-ups to multi-billion dollar international conglomerates.

We are NOT "Online Recruiters
We are 100% Cold Call-Headhunting

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